Can one of you out there

E-Mail me sausage and mash?

I’ve got no cash

There’s nowt in the fridge

I’m gonna jump off the bridge

I’ve sucked the marrow from me bones

Been in those out of bounds zones

I wanna get out of this place

Go and get outa my face

But  I’m in love with this race

I want to lay in her arms

Be  soothed by her balms

But my tendons and sinews

Make me feel I’m  abused

I can do nothing but lose

If I trip out I win

But I know that’s a sin and the brain becomes fused

Once again I’m abused by my mind that can’t find

Some sandy cove full of peace

With no dogs and no police, just the gentle rhythm

Of the insane schism and the rock and roll of the tortured soul

and  the baying blue sounds of the rabid mad hounds

That run riot riot from my eyes,feeding well on my sighs.

can you not hear my cries?.

Let me feed on your lips ,tasting fresh fish and chips,

Let me wake from this dream.

Let me spew out the reams of my day in this way

I will find that sweet solace

In some other than this dark place

The bell starts to ring

The dawn starts to smile

I have swallowed my bile

And for a while

Things are back to normal


The new quintessential……

Have a nice day


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