I forgot to remember that Christmas came in December

So here is my list

It’s late don’t be too miffed.

I would like a balsa wood bike

Some trainers by Nike and a phone with a mic’.

A French girl that sings, a dartboard with no rings

A red setter dog and a blue Yuletide log.

Three woollen vests, a tin of soup full of nests

And what I’d really like for me is a thing called a Wii.

I want a tortoise called Frank and a key to the bank

A lease on World peace and for all wars to cease.

By the way if you’re near an off license with beer

Call in…get a tin…give a ring when you’ve bin’

Please excuse the Lancashire accent it’s something me mum sent.

Leave my gifts by the tree so in the morning I’ll see

That you really exist and..

I’ll  know I never got missed off your list.


Have a sherry merry

Glowy snowy.



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