The path’s deviation a lifetime’s privation

Some degradation.

Like the spinning of yarns

Like spiders in barns

Like old men and soldiers I am tied to the boulders

Like Marley and chains

Like toothache and pains and loss with no gains

Here come the rains.

Like I’m ticked off with this

Like no Woman no kiss and no one to miss.

Like snakes that go hiss I crawl and I writhe

I tell terrible lies like I’m a prince not a pauper

Like I’ve two sons not a daughter.

It’s like I’m not to blame

There’s something wrong with my brain

Like I’m mad or insane.

Like a slow moving train or a triangular mangle

An obtuse acute angle.

Like I’ve done this before and put out like a whore

Like the clothes that I wore

Like my teeth again sore.

I am a transient being I don’t like what I’m seeing

In the mirror I look and like the words in a book

Which crackle and shackle  my feet to the ground

I hear the witches cackle but I can’t make a sound.

Like a flute that’s gone mute or a trombone with no tone

I dangle my hope I don’t think I can cope.

Like the suns shining rays

Like I’ve burnt out my days so now I sit and I laze

Remembering faces and place coverings and carapaces.

Hiding in shells

Hiding from yells.

Like I’m missing life out but then it gives me a shout

And says come and stand in the light

Like get out of your night and walk into the dawning

Now is your morning.

Dance and be part of the beat of your heart

Like you were weak but be strong

Like you’ll not wait for long

For your plate to be filled.

The earth in your soil tilled and what will grow there

Is a whole crop of care and a piece of the part

Of the birth of your start.


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