Cold and alone,we are the elderly cast in an old folks home.

We are all a bit mad and some of us quite sad,

Cynthia think’s she’s becoming a dad

And Gertie insists that her real age is thirty

But she isn’t a day under seventy one

Honestly I think that poor Gertie’s gone.

Another one here is one eyed Sam

Who made all his money selling out of date spam.

He keeps on repeating that time only kills

I think one eyed Sam should keep taking the pills.

And finally me..Jakarta Jake

A very close friend of Veronica Lake.

I do not allow any fun to be made of my dear old pals who slurp Lucozade

And suck their peas up through a straw

And take two hours to open a door.

You mustn’t forget that the ageing game will catch up with you yet.

So when you meet us take a kindly tone

Because you one day may also end up in a home.



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