I drank in smart bars,

I drove fancy cars,

Dressed in elegant style

It only lasted a while.

I was barred from the bars,

Smashed up the cars,

And in a very short while

I became outmoded in style.

The circle does turn

But I didn`t learn

The lessons of life,

I was cut by the knife,

The sharp edge of time

Was no friend of mine.

I cursed and I swore

Got thrown out of the door

I lived on the street

I couldn`t stay tidy

I couldn`t stay neat

I wanted to chuck it all in

Commit the ultimate sin,

I wasn`t brave enough

Wasn`t made of the right enough stuff.

So I soldiered on

And John got strong.

Began to relate

To what was my state.

I succumbed to the notion

That their was no magical potion.

I had to get up and be

The real me within me.

I found that parity

In the St.Barnabas charity,

And now I am mended

Because I was attended

By those to whom I set store,

Who are the Lifeskills Team

Up on the second floor.

At number one Greek Street.


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