Don’t worry dude.

Three oh eight is just a dreamlike state

Where controls and orders dress like prison warders.

One day I will wake

One day I will take,

My dreams in my hands,

Go off and explore those mystical lands

That I’ve read of in books

I’ll visit Casbahs and Souks

Ride camels and more.

I’ll sit at the door

Of Temples and Shrines

Have wonderful times

Look at Canadian pines

Cataracts and Falls

I’ll walk down the halls of Montezuma

I’ll travel to Yuma.

The last will be best I’ll visit the wild west

Smoke a pipe with Cochise

Get a date with his Niece

Ride the skimmerhorn trail

I might travel by rail

Arrange to meet with the Daltons

Have tea with the Waltons at the O.K. Corral.

And then I shall

Eat Buffalo steaks

If  that’s what it takes,

I’ll visit the mad Mountain men.

(I think they’re from Scotland)

And again,

I shall walk the Great Plains

I shall bathe in the rains

Of Indian arrows

But as my mind narrows

Into the deaths of the Nations

The Mass of salvations.

I will return to my home.

In time for breakfast!


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