IF ONLY (I’m Lonely)

I get a whole lot of love

From him up above.

But it would be awfully great

If I could get a real date.

With a sweet dark haired lass

Who may be one of those that pass,

In the street, On the train

But then again

I might not have seen her just yet.

Oh yes and lest I forget

She must have a smile

That is as wide as a mile

And eyes in which I could sink

I think,

She must be a lady

She might have a baby,

Little details

And like all other males,

She must be exclusive to me

I want her to see what I see.

Endless scope

Infinite hope.

And what I could give

Is my heart

Iwould live only for her

I swear.

I’d be honest and good,

I’d find work and I would

Provide for and care

If only she would share

Her lifetime

Her wifetime

With me.


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