Thinking of the sixties

When I

A young lad,

Fancied Pavlova,

Even then I was mad.

But this I remember,

Yootha Joyce and Billie Smart

The Aussie Rolf Harris doing his art.

Jack De Manio on the pianio (hah)

Sidney James

Is one of the names

That comes to mind.

Here are some of the others of that kind.

Hattie Jacques

Had what it takes

And Eric Sykes

On wheel less bikes

Old Mother Riley dressed in drag

And the mystery wrestler

With his head in a bag

Tales of the Riverbank

And Pogles Wood

I don’t think I ever had it so good.

The test card and BBC Two

That was something entirely new.

Muffin the mule and Jessie Yates

Stars on Sunday, The Lake districts lakes.

It was all there

It’s more than I can bear

To look back,

Remembering  ” I`m allright Jack”.

Peter Sellers

The three odd fellers (eh)

Joan Crawford

The sweater girl

Enough to make a boys toes curl.


Like the fishing lines

I cast back to those times,

When I was as happy

As Popeyes Grandpappy

I’ve got to end

Because I’m laughing to much

At the memories of,

Foghorn Leghorn now wasn’t he butch,

Cassidy and the sundance kid

Oh John put a lid on it

Give it a rest

Even though the old days are the best.

Now in twenty eleven

I am several more steps closer to heaven

I still like what I know

I like Peter Pans crow

And Tinkerbells luvverly legs

Mary Whitehouses Irregular regs

It’s all in the game

Which has the wonderful name

Of life


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