I went fishing in the lakes

Hoping to catch some fish cakes.

But all I caught, was an old rusty tin

So I threw the old rusty tin back in.

So then I went hunting for chicken…

…With hot spicy wings.

I went with bows and arrows

Three spears and two slings.

But I didn’t catch nowt,

Then suddenly a trout that was sat on the hill

Gave me a shout through a flying ducks bill?.

I thought that’s a bit weird

But then I saw a goat with a beard

And a cow in a pram,

A pixie on a log

I really thought this quite odd

But i’m allright now,

I’ve had a word with the cow.

He said for you there’s no hope

Not a chance you can cope

Because you’re seriously mad

And for a young lad.

I find that incredibly sad.

But then a dogfish walked by

Eating an octopus pie.

I wonder why.


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