Upset Or Not It’s What I Do Got

The whitening lightening

The appearance of ghosts

Are to me not frightening

Just thoughts though they last

Those pieces of the past,the stones I have cast

In the oceans of time.

When we all wore that sign that said Beware

Those who go there, dare

Look into the fire of hell and with the coins of their souls sell

Their life, as well they might.

My nightmares in the night remind me of darker days

When I became those ways…Those stygian deeds

And the wasting seeds of minutes that tick,

When I being sick of the sight of me

Took a hammer busted my knees my feet my face.

I had to get out of that place.

So I howled at the moon hoping that soon

The pain would quicken make I sicken for something good

Would that it could but it did not.

And what have I got ?

Broken bones busted face,ghosts laughing back at my place.

I can’t escape I’m locked into my fate

Imprisoned by yesterday and so I lay on my pillow

And weep like a willow.

Sinking in my tears and sucking on my fears.

Those that were near are so far away

Removed from this earth to a spiritual rebirth.

But it doesn’t help me because what can I see?

The widening chasm the spastic orgasm

The inevitable starvation.

I can’t see my salvation in here or in there

But what the hell do I care.

I’ll go back in the trap and that will be that.


I know there’s a key that will set me free

First I have to find the lock.

I have to be a rock.

Take the sand from my eyes wake up and realise

If I don’t do it now then it’s adios John.


The lights go out the clocks don’t chime

Ah, but then I will mime in some other place

Far removed from this race.

On a seat beside those who went before

When life was spent in laughter and I know why

I long to jump in the lake partake of the death after life

That life after death the stuttering breath that cleanses the brain,

But it’s all the same just a different phase

Like some mist in the haze when my heads in a daze.

It seems I swallowed the sun and it stopped all the fun

Then it smashed all my hopes put me down on the ropes.

It cannot be denied that I have defied some obscure Deity with this contrived gaiety.

But now I’m back in the zone.

I want to go home.

I feel so alone.

In the midst of a crowd I want to shout loud

Give me a hug all they do is shrug

And say another mad druggie looking for a huggie.

I say kiss my ass `cause you’re not in my class.

Yet again I don’t care because I’m no longer there.

I’m in the whitening lightening and the ghosts in my flat

Go rat a tat tat as they knock on the door and kick me down to the floor.

Till I beg them desist they know that I missed

Them all they are my friends until my life ends

Until I’m with them forever

In the day that is never



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