I watch the raindrops rolling down the pane,

And wonder why I feel the same

Or is there some subtle change in me?

Is this the way that I could be?.

What is it that always makes me want to feed

This yearning all consuming internal need?.

And why do I always want to know?,

Why can’t I just wait and watch the show?.

Who am I what have I become?,

What became of the summer fun?.

Where is the child within this man?,

To many questions that’s what I am.

Let me rest lay down and die

Though I don’t yet feel the end is nigh.

But I see the darkness all around,

I feel the coldness of the ground

I see the tidal rise and fall,

And often hear the sirens call.

I feel the hoar frost on my skin,

The thickness of my life grows thin.

Still I tred upon this wondrous land,

I put myself in Jesu’s hand

I watch the flowers rise and stand

And I’ve got to think aint this life grand.


When you just can’t name

What’s itching and scratching at your brain.


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