I have never met anyone quite like her.

Dark eyes,Dark skin,Dark hair.

And boy could she make that piano relax,

She stopped so many in their tracks.

She made it hum she made it sing,

It put my head in megaspin.

I often watched her fingers fly

And saw grown men break down and cry.

Her melodies could haunt the mind

And when she sung it was a kind..

Of liquid gold of setting suns,

Of babe ruth hitting six home runs.

But she had a sorrow,

Don’t we all.

She had never made the marriage call,

Though she wore a wedding ring

When she came out to play and sing.

She had never found the Mr right

She felt no caresses in the night.

The folks thought her stuck up and proud,

And though she never said it loud

It hurt her so.

And she would wander home,


To eat her beans on toast

And play host

To another lonely night.


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