It lasted so long.

The songs that we sang

The bells that we rang,

And the price that we paid,

Was the love that we made.

But I woke up one day,

She had left gone away

I remember screaming don’t leave,

Don’t leave me to grieve.

But she was wrapped up in cold

She was dead before old.

I buried her among the daffodils

Off Windsor road on cemetary hill

Wondering why,

He didn’t take me instead,

Why was I alive when she was dead?

She was the singer.

The love heart bringer.

My own bell ringer.

Now the music has gone

My silent life goes on

Sometimes I hear her call to me,

In some strange symphonical rhapsody

And I am transported in the night,

Into the harmony of loves delight.

But when I wake

I ache

And cry

To die.


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