I had a dream once long ago,

But that was just a dream for show.

Of stretching up to reach a star,

I never really reached that far.

So I content myself with being me,

And loving the beauty in what I see.

The fallen leaves,

The Winter ground,

The chrystalline snowflakes all around.

The warming sun,

The childrens fun,

The newborn child,

The stormy wild.

And then I see technology

Another wonder in what is to be.

This great great Earth,

That has given birth to everything.

And beyond,beyond the Angels sing.

Of another place dreaming in this place

Another piece of the Human race.

Should we not seek that which we cannot see?,

Should we not be that which we dare not be?.

I say reach up and grab the skies

For in there lies.

The Answer.


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