FISHY(reworked and elongated)

Here is something I have never surmised,

Can a lobster be clinically lobotomised.?

Can a crustaeacious crab be creatively curious?

Or would that make the other shellfish furious?.

If the ling started to sing,

And the carp played the harp,

Would the cod find that odd?.

Does the lion fish roar as it swims close to the shore?.

And in the middle of a North Atlantic gale,

How in the hell does the sailfish sail?.

Does the hammerhead shark start hammering heads in the dark?,

Because the octopus made a bit of a fuss,

When he got rid of a squid called sid?.

Would a dolphin called flipper have for breakfast a kipper?.

Would the langoustine cause a terrible scene,

Because the Sargasso sea eel started to reel fish in on a line.

Or would that be just a waste of his time?.

Does the Great white whale bemoan the fact,

That his humpbacked brother is lacking in tact?.

Do grunions suffer from bunions?.

Can a spiny tailed ray skate during the day?.

Or would the tuna sooner chat up the dish

Known as the angel fish?.

And are the bottom feeders

Just a load of old bleeders?.

I’m not really suprised,

That these are the things I have never surmised.

Time for me to be Institutionalised.


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