I woke up this morning,

I didn’t know whether or which.

So I had to decide,

Would I be butch would I be bitch?

She won and she said,

Get your scrawny white arse out of my bed.

So I got hold of some make up

And started to fake up.

When I cast my glance down,

To a protruberance there

That was just hanging around

So I tied it up in  a ribbon and bow.

Then made a note to myself

That thats got to go.

Then I opened a draw,

Took out a dress by Dior

That had been hidden away,

For a day like today.

It was sexy it was fun,

Until I needed to pee

Then once more I was he,

No longer a she.

No longer a cutie,

Dressed by cerutti.

I hate being a man

But I love being a fan

Of Woman


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