So I was sat on a bus

And without any preamble

I went off on a ramble.

I was watching the war,

And before,

I knew where I was,I was stood on the mount.

Watching the Messiah and doing a head count.

Their were at least two hundred times a score,

And maybe just maybe,A thousand or so more.

Then down the mountainI went rolling,

I saw Englands bowlers spin bowling.

I heard the cheers of charioteers,

I saw the sparkle of De Beers.

I was talking with Detectives

Having a laugh with Mental Defectives,

Giving a talk about Working Directives.

Then it all went black,

As I strolled on back to a place by the shore

A place I have been several times before.

And before that again, I am swimming the Seine

Then I’m flying a spotter plane,

But that was during the war,

And I’ve been there before.

In the war there is no winners or losers,

In the war there are just life and death choosers.

But it always ends in a draw,

Why the hell does man bother with war?

So now I’m going down an alley,

That looks like a lily strewn valley,

And I start smelling the tulips

While I’m drinking mint juleps.

I’ve travelled off to the States,

And I’m down in the South where Johny Reb rules

But that is just another war for the fools.

In passing Mexico City.I didn’t stop more’s the pity.

But I just have to go,

To the Alps and find snow.

Then I’m totally skiing.

Totally whee wheeing.

Free jumping,

Heart pumping

Not least ’cause I’m off piste.

Then I’m back on the bus

And I can’t even discuss,

This jouney

They’d burn me.

They would want to commit me

Put me up to the committee.

Put me away in an Asylum today.

No Way..

Tickets please.


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