The evening once again sails into the night

And I in fear close my eyes tight.

Waiting for

The inevitable roar

Of the Lions that growl.

The Hyenas that prowl.

Waiting to eat the meat,

From my bones.

Waiting to drink the blood from my veins.

I know all about their wild animal games.

So I go into hiding

Begin to start sliding.

Deep into gulleys

(To get out I’ll need pulleys).

But they hunt and they track me

And try to attack me.

So what do I say

I say where is the day?

Where is the sun

When will it come?

I’m getting to old to be out on the run.

And at last it’s arrived

And I have survived.

I laugh at my luck

I think I’d make a good puck.

But I know in my heart

It will once again start.

When the evening sails into the night.


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