I redesign the hours in the day

And this is what the hours have to say.

Eleven comes before nine

And five is after six.

Seven is just contrary.

So seven jumped off to the Camelot lot

And he thinks this is a lottery!


At four before three

When it was two after ten.

I walked back out into the Auchinlech Glen.

And there before me was a twelve pointer stag,

Astride its back sat a witchlike hag.

Thrice times

Thrice times.

She said only twice.

My dreams are quite crazy

But I like them they’re nice.

I’m actually barmy

But so are the Evenings.

( spelt differently of course).

I digress.

So I said to the witch ” If you cannot spell

Why the hell

Are you hubbling and bubbling”

She replied.

“I see something that’s troubling.

So in this cauldron I shall drop my potions

Of newts and bats and frogs brains notions’

Then I will cast around for some grubs on the ground

I’ll sort this thing out”.

But then I gave a shout

And pissed on the fire.

The smoke clouds grew higher

Then got swallowed up in the mouth of a liar.

She had gone and so had I,

Back to the carrot and minced mushroom pie.

Back to my cell

Where I’m told I’ll get well.


..Medication please


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