It’s drastic.


I’ve escaped from the plastic.

And what I’d thought was destroyed

Is back with its love

My wonderful wonderful old celluloid.

I see Keaton and Sennett,

Lanchester and Bennett,

Laurel and Hardy and fat  Fatty Arbuckle

Who were  good for a laugh

And a bloody good chuckle.

I spy Lang and De Mille though not Cruella de Ville.

I see Herbert Lom and the mud on the Somme

I watch the whistling bomb

Of Taylor and Turner who both lit my burner.

Cagney and Gable

Pickford and Grable.

How good is that?

They are all at my flat.

And there’s Fairbanks and Laurie

A bit better than Corrie?

I’m confessing and laying my cards on the deck,

I love Lloyd I love Langtry and Gregory Peck.

So you can keep all your plastic

For me celluloid is,

The best thing since the Seed drill.

The birth control pill.

The Horseless carriage.

The invention of Marriage

It’s absolutely bleeding fantastic.


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