I was thinking of a place

Somewhere way out in space.

Then I realised That the space

Was a place in front of my face.

So I took two steps to the side

And went off on this incredible ride.

I jumped straight in to parallel five

Where the living are dead

And the dead stay alive

And the only sounds to be heard

Are the sounds of the unspoken word.

But this isn’t what I wanted to see

So I hop on over to parallel twenty three.

Where all that you are

Is all you can be

And everyone there is all that you see.

Where thoughts take precedence

Over Royalty and Presidents

And those in the know

Know there’s nowhere to go.

So I get on a train

Which turns into a plane

And them I am gone

Into parallel sixty one.

Where the air is much thicker

And where the time goes much quicker

Where the people grow younger.

And yet for old age they hunger.

Then once more I’m in space

Heading onwards to face,

Parallel one thousand and nine.

Which sits on the edge of a rhyme.

Where it’s quite hard to move

Because it lays in a groove

In the records of time.

It’s a parallel of sound

The sound of feet on the ground

And as the drumming feet pound.

I turn myself round

And leap back through the line

Of the narrowing of time.

To a place full of pains

Where men with no brains.

Rule the earth.

I must be home.


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