We shall treasure that pleasure

As we lay in the heather

And I run my lips up your legs,

Touch every base

Gaze into your face.

Look into your eyes

Eyes that cut through the lies.

Open the door

And do it some more.

Then as we play on the sands

On shores of far distant lands.

Holding on tight with our hands

To those fleeting perceptions

Of exciting erections.

We will fly to the stars

In the back seats of cars

Making love down on Mars.

Then it’s back into space

Again I gaze at your face.

Desires give way

Every night every day.

Feelings so right

Every day every night.

And so it’s back to the heather

In a valley and whether

It’s sunshine or rain

We shall make love again.

I am lost in the treason

Of unreasonable reason.

I never want to be found

As long as you are around

Laying with me on the ground

In the moments we’ll treasure

In the heather.



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