I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

But I’m definitely getting thinner.

Mr Gupta,The doctor,Said don’t worry

And gave me a script for a months worth of curry.

But I’m still wasting away.

I don’t know what to say.

If I turn sideways on

You would think I had gone.

And I’m getting much smaller

I used to be lots and lots taller.

And my hearing is shot

What I hear is not a lot.

My eyes are my foes

I can no longer see

Beyond the end of my nose.

I don’t get many offers of a sexual kind

I’m beginning to think that my bedrooms been mined.

My legs have become wobbly

My knees even more knobbly.

My hair’s falling out

Except from my nose

Where it just grows and grows.

Oh Yes.

It’s wonderful getting a hold

On yourself when you’re old.


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