One thing I think is for sure

I will never know

What I never know.

So I return to be found

In the long forgotten sound

Of the cotton mills

In the rolling hills

Of the barbiturate pills.

And I crack on glass.


It is true

I will never do

What I never do

So I will return to the season

And try to discover the reason,

In a foundering ships bell

In an eight by eight cell

In the dawning of hell.

And I crack on ice

Like glass it’s not nice.

So I return to be found

Alone in the ground.

Laying in wait

Laying in state.

As people pass by

People who cry

At the waste of it all.

People who call

For the maker


But he doesn’t appear

Except in a beer

Or a brandy and port.

It’s what I’ve always thought

There is nobody there.

And nobody dare

Try to mend or repair.

But the devil may care.


Never is as never can

When at the end of life you span

The chasms, and try to ford.

Hoping that you will meet the Lord.

You will never go

Where you have never been.

Never see what you have never seen.

So strap in tight

We continue this ride

Through the electric night.

And the Neon glows

Where never goes

And sometimes was

And that’s because

We whirl around

Above the ground

In the lightning bolts

Above the hidden holts.

Back to whatever

And what is for never?

It never was said

It was all in my head

But I shall whisper it now.

It’s no good to be dead.


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