Leave me in peace

Leave me in peace.

Why wo’nt you cease,

This relentless prying

This outright spying.

Life’s not worth the lease

If you’re not left in peace.

It’s the constant harping

The never ending carping

That makes me so sick.

So I’m going to pick up a rifle

You’d better not trifle with me.

Or I’ll blow you away

I will have my day

Of silence and peace.

Anyway who is it that’s prying?

That’s spying?

Interfering in my life.

Is it the police ?

The teachers,My lover ,my brother

Or just some nosy Mother…?

Is this what its come to?

That wherever you go

Someone is spying on you.

If that is the case

I’m packing a bag

I’m getting away from this place.

I shall set up a home

On my own,

On an Isle in the sun.

Where I don’t need a gun

To protect what I own.

And with nobody spying or prying

Or trying to dissemble,

I can live

And resemble

A man.


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