On saturdays we went up t’ town

t’ watch tha day unfold,

Around the old market hall

Wi’ lots of stalls and canvas roof

That flapped like a sail when wind got up.

And we would drink pop with bag o chips,

Then watch old ladies sat on seat

With varicose veins and swollen feet.


they sat next t’ stall

That sold such things,

As Wensleydale and Leicester red

Edam , Gouda and fresh baked bread.

And for this tha’ll have t’forgive me please

But old ladies always remind me o’smell o’cheese.

I remember one she smoked a pipe And wore her hair up in a bun,

And we as boys would poke such fun.

And there were t’other with pink headscarf on.

Taking snuff and wi’brown handkerchief wiping it back up.

And fresh fish shop full of ice wi’fish from bay,

Which me mam used to buy And cook for tea on a saturday.

And at five we would help market men pack away

Empty crates and boxes full.

And then we would pull

The cart t’lock up and all for a cup

Of Dandelion and burdock.

Then off we would go back home to play

And wait like mad till next saturday.


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