I woke up today and I don’t know how

But I discovered that I could converse with a cow.


And I could talk to the sheep

Who seemed incredibly amazed 

and didn’t say a peep.

I spoke to a horse and of course

He understood exactly what was said

and he told me twice that his name was not Ned.

Next came a goose

Who thought this was some kind of ruse.

To get him into a pot

So he didn’t say a lot.

I said hello to a bird

Who understood every word.

And finally for luck

I discussed with a duck.

The merits of soup.

He thought it a bit loopy

And even quite spooky

To talk about soup to a duck.

Then I ran out of luck

When a Lion strolled by,

Licking his lips and saying dinner my my

But I managed to escape and to make another date.

With my shrink I think

Mr doolittle.


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