This is the story as it goes

And it’s about a puppet and a puppet boys nose.

That doesn’t stay still it just grows and grows.

So the puppet turned into a puppet wrecker

And bought himself a black and decker.

Then cut his nose right from the base

And now puppet boy has a very flat face.

So he took some gum and glued on a plum

But as the plum fermented

The poor puppet boy

Became more and more demented.

So he changed the plum for two mince pies,

But very soon his eyes

Began to water

Which is something that they didn’t oughta

(as he was made of wood)

Next he tried an apple then a cherry

A banana and blackberry.

Finally he tried a twig

Which grew to a tree and became very big.

And with leaves all over the place

They blocked the sun from reaching his face.

So he asked a friend for his dads chainsaw

And he cut the tree right to the core.

At the end in exasperation

He settled on a pink carnation.

The moral is just leave what shows.

Don’t spite your face

By chopping off your nose.


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