I am dying to try to climb to the sky

To walk and to talk with prophets and sages

To have breakfast and dinner with men of the ages.

Until then.

I shall converse with the underlings

But I will dream on

Of Kings and sapphiric rings

Of crowns and of crosses of gains and of losses.

The ingrained veins of the stilton of life.

And when I do climb to the sky

I shall not forget when nor shall I forget why

My life down on Earth was so barren and dry.

And as I look from my seat high above

I shall hawk up my love

To rain down as pearls,

On those deliciously wonderful attractive sweet girls.

And no doubt a few of the men

May feel ignored and might wonder when

Their turn will come to fly to the sun.

I will say.

Just pick a day

Open your wings and fly far away.


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