What do you do when you’re feeling so blue?

And you are under blue skies listening to the cries

Of the terns and the gulls.

The heart constantly pulls

Me to the oceans shore,

Once there I’m not blue any more.

I stand skipping the stones dreaming of lost sailors bones.

But it’s the battles I love the most

Off the Cape of Good Hope or the Ivory coast.

I can hear the cannons roar and see broadsides score.

And I transport with delight into the thick of the fight.

I drink rum with the matelots

take potshots at whatnots.

Those enemies of the crown I say let them sink down

Into the cold arms of the deep I will not lose any sleep.

But once more I find myself stood on the shore

And I’m soaked to the skin.

I hadn’t noticed that the tide had come in.

I’m such a dreamer.


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