OLD TIME FINANCIAL DANCING(or a day at the asylum)

In the steaming black ranks

Outside those High Street low down banks

Is where I used to buy Francs,

I bought Lira and Deutchmarks, Peso’s and Escudos

But now all I can buy is those bleeding cheap Euros.

Well it just isn’t fair

I’m not going back there.

I’m going back to the time when it was nineteen sixty nine.

No Facebook or Twitter the proletariat were less bitter.

We were not yet sold down the river by the politicians and beaurocrats

Otherwise known as the fat cats and dirty rats.

So don’t call me I shall call you

Somewhere around the year seventy two.

When I am twisted and old another crease in the fold.

And now it’s time for bed

I have been bedbathed and fed medicated and led

By the nose.

But I think that is what goes…today

Let’s throw today away let’s make them all pay.

Let’s throw anarchy in the stew

See what those blighters do.

Or am I just losing concentration?

Is this a by-product of my medication?

Nurse,Nurse, I curse.



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