Bruce Binns the fox was out of his box

And was feeling quite queer

Because he had drunk to much beer.

Binnie for short was a bit of a sport

So he drank even more

And flowed out through the door.

He wibbled and wobbled along streets that were cobbled.

Then splashed into his den


A chicken real jolly who was licking an ice lolly

And clutching some gin

Fell in the beside him.

Binns was a sinner and what he saw was dinner

And thought I’m on a winner before I get thinner.

But the jolly chicken was wise

And knew about foxes lies

So when Binns closed his eyes away chicken flies.


If you get as drunk as a skunk when you’re really a fox.

And fall in with a chicken even if it’s ice lolly licking

You may as well begin on the bottle of gin.

There is no way you’re a winner

Because chickens don’t like being on the menu for dinner.


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