There was a time in another time

When I walked dead

Nothing in my head.

Empty space in floating face

Soundless cries from sightless eyes.

Watching the days where madness plays.

Descending rays of sunlight shafting the night.

Fuses burn as wheelers turn in turn

And tired feet set on a chair waiting to meet

The next loss.

I can’t gloss over the matt of it

These clockwork thoughts are such a sh*t.

But in empty glasses the liquid passes

And is washed away in the rivers of day.

With it goes the granular slip into yet another trip.

On a different train firing salvoes into a tired old brain.

That now becomes waking

Taking a moment to clear the cobwebs

The flowing tide ebbs.

Leaving scenes unfolding into breathing held

Giant oaks felled.

And the oceans pour upon the forest floor

Which are cleansed and in the end.

We lend ourself to a faith we find

In what was once a shot blasted mind.

This seems ok.

So now I walk alive.

Contrive to stand upright

Fight off the night

Get things right.

If I follow the cues

How can I lose

The will.


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