Running wild

Wild and free.

I skipped across rivers swam in the sea.

Taking for granted opinions slanted

And making decisions

Dividing revised editions.

Looking outside for fame

Hanging my head in shame

Then doing the same thing

Over and over and over again.

Drinking in life

As I drank in those dreams.

Following teams

As it horsed down with rain

Washing transgressions

Then transgressing again.

Roundabout roundabouts

Desperately crying out desperate doubts.

Waking and faking and taking some more

Like lightning in prisms that made my eyes sore.

Being rocked to the core

Being wracked as I pour

This wreck on the floor.



Waiting outside I swore



Open that effin door.

But there was nobody there

Once again I curse and I swear.

Where is my God?

(I answer myself)

Growing in poppy fields you ignorant sod.

And I trail off

Fall of the bridge

Over the wasted hot lies

I despise.

The Devil and his deeds

The weak man and his needs.

This agony feeds a desire

To climb a bit higher

Or am I once more the liar?

To and fro still the white coals glow.

What the hell do I know?

And where the hell is where I go.

In my head hell made it’s bed.

And day after day hell would speak and would say

No play No play all work you jerk.

And I bristled with hate.

I wanted a gun in my hand

To put the Devil to sleep

And in doing so I could keep my sanity.

End this profanity.

But the gun wouldn’t fire

And again I’m a liar.

I was afraid

I was an old maid.

Scared to live scared to die

Scared to look myself in the eye.

And that went on for longer than long.

Then one day it stopped

I copped

A break albeit due to the death of a mate.

I knew that there had to be more

Than that blazing hot fire

Through the crematorium door.

So off I went and spent awhile

Climbing walls and fighting pain

Fell and lost and fell again.

Heard the demons in my head

Heard them say better off dead.

Then fell one day into a day

Where and when I could say

That’s a ride I will not take again.

A nasty trip but all the same

If I had not done it

Had not swum across the styxx

Not paid the ferryman just for kicks.

I wouldn’t be me.


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