What Happens ?

When it rains down the drain and nothing looks like the same

When you can’t remember your name or why it was that you came

Or even where you came from but the song in your head

Makes you think you’re not dead but just losing the thread

Of whatever it was said when you once laid in a bed.

But that was years ago before the snow in your brain

Blocked the tracks and the train of thought that you had

And now you think that you’re mad

But it’s just a changing of gear and with open eyes you can peer

Into the darkness of night where it is that you might

Find a way out of your plight.

And when the rains start to go and the snow snows real slow

It is then that you know everything will be fine

As you dine on the bones of outstanding loans

And the director shout cut when you want to go on

But like the script you once read

The song in your head

Is finally dead.


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