Catch This

Who could bear this loneliness

The emptiness of helplessness the tough caress of solitude

The awesome silent sullen mood.

The nights on benches in the dark

Fighting the ducks for bread left in the park.

He who missed out on the welfare state

Because his brain was too late to keep a date

With a girocheque.

Now at the beck of a Winter storm

Wrapped in cardboard to keep warm

And several coins in his old flat cap

Which really should be on his head

But he’d rather have the coins instead.

When midday comes he’s at the mission stoop

For his bowl of soup and dried up crust

And if he must he’ll ask for more

To warm himself and set out for the food at eight

Dished up outside the city gate.

Because officially no poor people live here

No homeless folks live on the street

Which to me seems rather queer

Because several people that I meet

Live and sleep upon their feet.

Oh well….

The Yuletide season will soon be here

No glad tidings for them I fear

Just a shelter for a night or two

And a bit of cheer to stop them turning blue.

Then back into the cold life air

This cold life is just not fair.

So give this Christmas if you can

To help the homeless woman, child or man

You seem to have so much please don’t lose touch

With your heart.


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