A scene to an end.

The day that we finally fall to oppression and sign the confession

Is the day we are lost.

Embossed on the stamp of the keeper of souls

Blinded like moles we shall scuffle and scrape

For the crumbs off the cake

But we shall make do with a crust as oppressed people must.

Eating the dust from the Masters clean shoes

We are the ones that suffer and lose,


We are the ones who suffer and choose to be under the yoke

It’s a poke in the eye a joke gone awry.

We have got to try and be strong and to fight what is wrong

And singing a song may be alright for some

But it’s only a part of getting the job done.

We need to attack the root cause and start changing the laws of this land

Together as a band we can do it or we can sit on our own on the sand

And chew on the grit.

Groaning and moaning ” aint life a shit”

This is just a scene to an end and if you tend to your bit I’ll tend to mine

Together united things will be fine.



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