The witches are coming.

I do not intend to be sober at the end of October

Because the witches are coming some are already here

It’s time for grown Men to run off in fear.

But the witches have got inside my head

And the witches want to take me to bed.

To ravish

To lavish me with attention and I’m not thinking abstention.

But they’ll have their way whatever I say and when they’re done

That’s when the fun will really start

They’ll want to part me from my bones and make soup from my blood

And that to me doesn’t sound very good.

So I shall try to appease them

I will do my very best to please them.

I know in the end they will take the lot

Put me in a pot and dish me up as a stew

I wish I knew what to do.

The witches are coming and hearts are a thumping

Some folks are jumping off the pier.

The witches are here and they’ll cast a spell

The witches are here and we’re going to hell.


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