Another homage to TS ELIOT.

These were cats in the moonlight

With eyes that gleam

Mean and lean they lounged on a moonbeam..

planning their next bit of mayhem and malice.

Drinking hot rum using a dogs bone as a chalice.

Alice came down to look for her cuddly kit only to find him getting ready to hit..

..the town on the run..and in his front paws cuddly kitty was carrying a gun.

Screaming she cried..oh Lord I have tried to bring kitty up well but if he carries out his plan…he’ll surely end up in hell.


The smug little pug who lived at the end of the street,never in his short life ever expected to meet mad cats on the run and one of them with a gun.

His little legs felt like a ton weight as he remembered he had a late date with a poodle for a canoodle and off the pug went all thoughts of his heritage had long since been spent…and the cats carried on.

Later much later over a hot baked potater with a nurse at his side..Alice’s poor kitty gave up the cat ghost and died.


He’d shot himself in the head instead of giving some lead to the frog mogs of Bow..who if they didn’t know  didn’t have no right to be there.

The problems arose because those frog mogs didn’t care..thought they’d muscle into the scene but they hadn’t reckoned on the cats with the gleam in their eyes.

..and so kitty dies..not a thing was resolved…the frog mogs of Bow were absolutely absolved of any part in his death…but don’t hold your breath and think this wars at an end..For cats with the gleam have a tendency to tend towards the utter extreme..and if you hear a cat scream near Bow or Stepney Green then you’ll know that the cats with the gleam are getting..



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