I have walked into rooms where silences reigned
Rooms, where words should have been spoken and said
But were screamed out in the quietness instead
Words like..
What are you doing here you ought to be dead.
Stony faced yet alive.
I switch on the television I keep in my head
Contrive to keep calm.
Of course I shouldn’t have come
For some I will always be seen as that drugged stumblebum.
They never forget and yet can’t give me the time
No friends of mine.
I knew them all once a long time ago when the seasons went slow..
..and the sun burnt us brown.
Down in the town where I grew
From where I flew.
Now many years later I find they no longer cater for those who jump ship.
If they expect me to slip silently away
They never knew me at all
I call out to the silence and the ghosts of the past
I am back home.I have returned at long last
What remains are the shadows and the echoes of years drowned out by the unwelcome fears that I held for so long and soon, even as I call the shadows are gone in the light of the day.
The television that plays in my head is off grid
I go back in the box and someone closes the lid
And again


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