..and the sun shone.

Round and round and up and down

Here and there.

At the Annual funfair.

Sailing ships that sailed through the air

Throwing darts to win a cuddly bear

Catching ducks on the end of a line

Guaranteed to win a prize every time.

Funfairs are great and when the weather was fine

Mum and dad and the rest of the clan would sit on the big wheel and our plan..

..would be

To see just as far as anyone could see.

I saw the sun and that’s a long ways a way.

Thus we would spend our fun fair day.

It was hard for us to say goodbye

My little brother Mark started to cry

And I nearly did but I hid the fact well

I pretended I fell and hurt my knee

That made Tony the eldest go tee hee ehee.

But he was also sad.

Though we were glad to say

That we’d come again to the fair another day.

And we were sure it would be..

..just the same.


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