…take two..three times a day.

The sun topped the hills, ridding the early morning of chills and I swear it wasn’t the pills that made the day come alive.

With fingers so strong,so long and so light that far away star shredded the remnants of night and gently caressed me,messed with my hair,it wasn’t the pills,it happened I swear.
Then as the morning went on with the sunlight dancing along..I did what I do best,I broke into song..which worried some sheep and woke a cat from her sleep.
I ambled along.

Not long before noon when the sun was toasting the top of my head..I sat by a stream and ate some Dutch cheese with bread,watching dragonflies flashing looks with their eyes and in colours that shone,off and on,off and on..chased damsels so coy…it was a joy to behold.

Several hours later I woke feeling cold..the sun had skipped away..left for the day and the evening drew in with a breeze from the bay that to me seemed to say “it’s time for you to leave”.
Heavy hearted I stood (as anyone would)..
..shook myself down and headed back towards town.

Giving a last lingering look at the hills..
..and it wasn’t the pills.


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