Carbon dating

Carbon dating.

You can put up two fingers at fate..
..but one day you’ll be late.

One day you will wait at the gate of those zones where the sentinel sits ready to chew on your bones.
But you’ll try to fade through..hoping beyond hope that he doesn’t spot you..
He will.
And he’ll take his fill.

Life’s the bitter’d better swallow it whole..your soul is in hock and still it’s a shock when the sentinel looks..there was nothing like this that you read in your books.. thought Heaven was nice..some sort of semi detached kind of tropical paradise..but it aint.

It’s the carbon dating reinstating taint of centuries not to mention the stink of old’s no wonder you don’t feel at ease.
You pleased yourself for many a long it’s the time to cough up and pay for your foibles and sins.
Walking on eggshells through the hallways of you wish you were in hell being stuck full of needles and pins..well..anything to say?

Fate doesn’t wait it will get you one day as it gets can’t run and are booked from the start on a one ticket ride..
..Get used to it.


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