Slapped in the mouth..kicked North and South and rapped on the knuckles.
I once suckled on the breast of the best.
Now I am trapped.

Sapped of my strength…and the length of my days is measured on a yardstick.
Not long ago I had my pick of it..now I’m just sick of it..
I have this feeling inside that I died ..yet I stand.
A monument so grand it is hard not to look.

The hands of the clock spin around..as if gaining ground…and the sound of the grave being dug is so near.
She hands me a rug..”Oh my dear to keep the chill off your bones”
But her tone tells another tale..of wishing I’d give up the fight and set sail.

I tell her, ” it’s only a cough”..but she insists on the tincture which irritates my sphincter..(perhaps that’s too much information for this congregation)
I’m sure she means well and as sure as I can be that we’ll meet up in hell where we both can be warmed by the hounds at the fire.

I am trapped being snapped into pieces by nephews and nieces and the noise that they make..they make my poor old ears ache won’t somebody please take them away.
Part of this problem is children today..there’s just no respect..they infect me with glee and that’s just not me..I am old can’t you see..and I’m trapped.

Wrapped up in this rug, I can’t even feel myself shrug..I think I’ll retire..go and buy some barbed wire and build a big fence..
..and still I’ll be trapped in a ring of my making..shaking my head at this foolishness..I slip off the rug and slowly undress..
.. crawl into bed.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. clawfish
    Dec 04, 2012 @ 05:52:19

    Unravelled indeed love it


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