It is true,that the crown of diamonds does not shine as brightly in the dark until a light is played upon it..This piece is such an interesting morsel of someone’s life..somewhat wistful and sad or perhaps I read into it too much..but looking back on what has gone can be pleasurable and painful in equal doses.How does this piece make You,the reader feel?

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I wonder sometimes if I would have been a happier, calmer person had I studied something other than humanities.  Nothing remains simple and straightforward. It’s like being stripped of rose or lavender tinted glasses and given x-ray machines instead.

I identify archetypes in fairytales, unpick ideological elements in a biscuit ad, link fashion trends to political movements and critique the aesthetics and necessity of just about everything around. Not that there are no connections to be made in these. Far from it.

But it would, I imagine, be easier to let the mind relax and let life flow pleasantly by without every other object presenting itself for intense scrutiny.  Although the effects are fading with time, the hangover remains.

When I studied for a diploma in Communication at Sophia, this was expected to be the mind’s default mode. World cinema was one of the subjects taught. And each Saturday the…

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