I was born in a storm

fashioned from the sand
made up from the granules that fell down from the old fools
and blown away
into the wakening day.
I became aware
to give,receive and share.

Sometime when in
a long time I think of a full time on a half crescent moon
 I do believe this life is a boon
a gift
an escalating lift and I’m in heaven.
These views renew me
I am whole again
can play my role again
Attain my goal again
And in the main
this feels right.

On a dune sat on a warm August night
and talking
having fun.
The business end of a smoking gun sights me
Perversely this delights me.
Shoot and the devil rides
Hold fire and the devil slides
into an oblivion
a state of delirium washes over me as if it was tidal
like the deep of the sea
What is to be
will always be
and I will survive
whatever is thrown at me.

As the sand starts to crumble
I fall and I
onto another beach
where the world that has passed is just out of reach.
They didn’t teach me that
at school.


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