Counting snowflakes

On the streets are many sounds and sights.


dragons jumping traffic lights and busses buzzing through the long and lonely nights.

In the stable where I stay
some say that,’I’m unstable’ well they would wouldn’t they?
I lay me down but get no peace
the sirens from the local police begin to blare
How they love to share that noise.
A different place another poise
escaping from that awful sound
I start to burrow underground.
Lie down in a box and smoke cheroots
while watching daisies lacing up their ‘daisy roots’

I’m waiting but there is no evidence of anything vibrating
it’s very still and dead
even spiders stop the spinning of their webs in wonder
then the thunder of the day above
hand in glove
with the cacaphony of that lunacy
I often see
spread all about me
finds me out
and digs me up.

I take that cup of old Laings building site
where once the labourers might have dream’t
of men unkempt in dirty rags
begging for some food and fags
and a bit of work to pay their way.
Not today
or any other day
I heard them say it
watched them spray it on the walls
and as the failing hope falls down
the ballgown that she wore
is worn again as second hand
by salvationists from the army band
who try to fill the dragging days
with songs of glory
hymns of praise.

What’s the use
we suffer more than shock, abuse
and yet we stay
where we as dinosaurs
no longer play but plod.
Life’s a sod laid on the Earth
we animate and give it birth
and then it bites us
on the arse.


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