Dial M it’s murder

Time reigns
it smacks you in the face and it scrambles up your brains
until you think you’ve had enough but you need a little more
so you hang on to the second hand
as it sweeps across the pool hall floor
and the hour glass is halfway full
so you pull a face
but that’s no good, you can’t see the forest for the wood
and you can’t cut it down.
Time laughs and laughs at you,
the clown
and the clock spins on in the Circus
reminds us
we’re mortal 
but made of more than flesh and bone
that gave a home to the time invader
the raider that loots the hours from our day.
One day he’ll pay
but not before we do. 
we who
are stuck in the seconds that turn and bump in the minutes
and bring us to a final conclusion
where time being fused
in the time we have used
and any time we had left
we had no time for that.

I put on a coat and an old trilby hat
pretend I’m a spy
but time has his eye on me
time stands and spies on me


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