Dead in the water
been caught out
and shut out
I ought to
give up the fight.
one day I might
but it’s not going to be
any day soon that I see.

I want a crack at the jackpot.
I need a coin for the slot.

Win some or lose some
and no one has any fun.

Tonight I’ll get wired
fire on all cylinders
tomorrow in the cinders 
I’ll make apologies
to appease
all of those
(and heaven knows there’s a lot)
I have closed out
like me they were shut out
but it’s not about me or my trouble
it’s about the rubble around me
maybe the day that surrounds me
is the day come to soon.

I will compose (for those heaven knows)
a tune
lay it on the line
make a cardboard sign
(homeless and clueless)
but don’t mess with this mess it’s of my own making
I’ve been taking so long
that the song I would write
is the song of the night
where the jackals cackle and the witches crow
and where heaven does know
what it’s all about.


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