As I was saying

I’m getting old and I am falling to bits
think I’ll give up the ghost
and just call it quits.

It’s alright for you,
You’re all so young
and so very vibrant
but I am reliant on doctors and pills
and every day I go on just brings me more ills.

The Priest Calls…

..and tells me,
‘that life is but a distraction
and afterwards the real action begins
Repent of your sins’
Oh Christ
I don’t want to hear that no more
I show him the door.

I try to shuffle around
but I admit it at last I am almost bedbound.

The Lady Calls…

..I let her in
another repentable sin?
but she just looks and she laughs
and says,
‘the only thing you’ll get in that bed is bedbaths’
I don’t need to show her the door
she’s there before
I even know it.

getting old is the pits
are you also thinking of calling it quits?

Life is a fight
nature fights for the light
we are all blind in the night
and none more than me.
I can see I’ll go on ’til the day’s finally gone
but nothing tastes good any more
I wonder who let my taste buds out the door.

The Devil Knocks..

..and that shocks me awake
but I never really sleep
got to keep my eye on the green line.
the monitor doesn’t allow me to sleep
but ‘Old Nick makes me sick
he’s even older than me
why would I want to be one of his acolytes?
they’re just little shites.
I show him the door
and he roars into flames
feckin showoff.


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